A very simple tip that many know and useful for any textile: always turn the textile over before putting it in the machine but before it is necessary that your textile is dry to avoid the appearance of mold.

Now that everything is in place, it remains only to learn about the textile (100% cotton, cotton / polyester …) and as seen earlier the indications given on the label to respect and do not hesitate to contact inquire on the internet if you have any questions. With more and more efficient machines, washing cold or at low temperature is more and more requested, indeed that, contributes to the environment and to your wallet. However, some dirty clothes can only be washed at a minimum temperature (40-60 ° C). Also if you want to eliminate bacteria then you should prefer washing at high temperature (60 see 90 ° C).

Some textiles have restrictions from the start depending on their maintenance, so follow these instructions while for others with greater freedom, do not hesitate to find advice on specialized sites.

As soon as the washing is finished, remember to shake the Tee Shirt to let the fiber breathe and spread it, this will prevent the Tee Shirt from shrinking and prevent you from forming any wrinkles. Otherwise, drum washing could worsen / influence your print.

Ps: If you lie in the sun, it is certainly better than the dryer, but beware the sun may tarnish the garment.

If your T-shirt is wrinkled, remember to iron it but inside out so that it regains its original shape.

Do not spin if the garment is still wet, it breaks the fiber, remember to shake it and then hang it out in the open air.

If this Tee Shirt is expensive for you then think of washing it like a wool sweater (delicate and cold washing), washing at low temperature prolongs the life of all your textiles.

If after multiple washes and several months of use, the screen printing or the flocking of your T-shirt begins to be washed or worn. One tip is to iron the pattern right side up, with your iron in synthetic position, by placing a white sheet of paper between the iron and the logo and you will see the colors of the marking regain all their original aspects.

With all these tips, you are ready to face any situation and you become the reference for the maintenance, washing and ironing of your Tee Shirts!