When you are a marketer, you must take advantage of every moment you get to create awareness of your products and goods. This is why you find most marketers never wear plain t-shirts. Instead, all their t-shirts have some information on them since t-shirts are like moving billboards where one can market their goods and products any time. The best way to make your t-shirt an excellent marketing tool is to create a great custom t-shirt. Most people think that only experts can create a custom t-shirt, but I’m afraid that’s not right. Anyone can do it as long as you believe in yourself and know what you want your custom t-shirt to look like.

If you want to create a custom t-shirt like a pro, the following are some things you should do:

  • Use a few words to communicate your main message

When writing any words on a custom t-shirt, you need to understand that the wearers will be in motion most of the time, yet you want more people to read what you have written. This is why you need to make sure that you have written your main words with a few words. Since your users have less time, ensure that the text is short but communicating the main message.

  • Design your needs

There are many reasons why you want to create a custom t-shirt. Each reason calls for a custom t-shirt with a unique design. For instance, if you’re going to create a custom t-shirt for your employees, you have to come up with a different design compared to when you are creating a custom t-shirt for your customers. Therefore make sure you create the custom t-shirt depending on your needs.

  • Consider the design of the custom t-shirt

The design of the custom t-shirt you want to create is a significant thing that you need to consider. Elements included in the design of the custom t-shirt you want to start to include the images, colors, and fonts you will be using in your custom t-shirt. Make sure that you select the design that will attract and captivate the attention of many viewers.

  • Use hand lettering in your custom t-shirt

Hand lettering usually makes you have a personal connection with the custom t-shirt you will be creating. Typing the words gives you the chance to design them in a way that makes them look classy, easy-going, goofy, and confident. Since the custom t-shirt will be personal, you must get personal by hand lettering whatever message you wish to convey. Whatever you type is usually visually dynamic and becomes the central image.

  • Use simple visuals

T-shirts are known to wrinkle, twist, overlap, and fold around whenever the wearer makes any movements. This is the same thing that happens to the designs of the custom t-shirt you create. For this reason, when you decide to create a custom t-shirt, you should not make things complicated. Instead, it would help if you used simple designs to create your custom t-shirt to ensure no information is missed when the wearer makes any movement. With simple visuals, your custom t-shirt will look exactly like you wanted it to look.

Do I need much experience to create a custom t-shirt?

You can create a custom t-shirt even if you do not have any experience in dtg printing services. All you need are some tips to help you get started and learn what to do and avoid. With that information, you will be able to create a great custom t-shirt.