For anyone looking to level up their fitness game, a cardio machine should be their first priority. Guardian machines are great especially if you want to improve your cardiovascular health, lose weight and increase fitness. This article will explore everything that you want to know about cardio machines, their benefits and the best workouts.

Why choose cardio machines for the gym?

Cardio machines are an essential part of a gym. It offers a number of benefits for health and fitness. These are a few reasons why you should incorporate cardio in your workout routine.

  • Cardio machine can strengthen your heart, help with blood circulation and lower the risk of heart disease.
  • For anyone wanting to lose weight, it is important to burn a sufficient number of calories. Cardio proves to be a great aid in weight loss
  •  It helps build endurance and stamina thus allowing you to perform better especially if you’re training for marathon or any other upcoming sports event.
  •  Cardio also provides low impact options for people who suffer from joint pain. elliptical or stationary bikes are a great option because these are gentle on the joints.

Popular cardio machines at the gym

When you visit the gym you will find various cardio machines with each having unique workout benefits.


  •  Treadmills are ideal for walking jogging and running
  •  These are versatile machines which allow you to control the speed and incline offering you intense or less stressful workouts

 Elliptical trainer

  •  These are ideal for low impact full body workouts
  •  You can easily target arm legs and core muscles using an elliptical trainer

 Stationary bike

  •  Ideal for people with all fitness levels
  •  Stationary bikes offer seated low impact workouts
  •  These workouts help strengthen the lower body and improve cardiovascular health

 Rowing machine

  •  It’s a great machine to engage upper and lower body and provide challenging workouts
  •  If you are into intense calorie burning workouts which are gentle on the joints then the rowing machine is a good option.

 Stair climber

  •  The stair climber mimics the motion of climbing stairs
  •  It offers lower body workouts which are great for toned legs and glutes.

Things to keep in mind when working out on cardio machines at gym

Cardio machines are a great way of improving your health and fitness. On the other hand, it is also important to practise safety measures when using these machines. Failure to do so might result in injuries which would render you unable to perform your workouts. Consider the following things when using a cardio machine at the gym

  • A cardio machine is meant to strengthen your heart and improve blood circulation, but you must incorporate high intensity interval training into the workouts to increase calorie burn an improve your fitness.
  • Always perform the exercise using proper form. you should pay attention to your posture an make use of the handles and grips if they’re able to maintain stability.
  • Always start with a 10 minute warm up and finish with a 10 minute cool down to allow your body to exercise and recover.
  • Slowly increase the intensity of your workout to continue challenging your body and making progress.

Cardio machines are a valuable tool for increasing fitness losing which and improving overall well-being. When you understand the benefits of these machines, you can use these effectively at the gym and achieve your fitness goals. do keep the above mentioned things in mind when you hit the gym next time.

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